Youth competition showed the future of ICT

On 11th of May 2014 the winners of youth idea-competition “NutiVõistlus 2014” were announced in Town Hall square in Tallinn, Estonia together with a free Mother’s day concert. More than 100 ideas were submitted to the competition. Personal health monitor in schools and a baby voice translator amongst winners of a ICT idea-competion for the youth.

The aim of the competition was to find out what role and how ICT is part of our lives in the future. The task was to create a 1-minute video based on the idea. The submitted ideas showed that the young generation is very open to technology and they see the connection between technology and real life.

For example a team of 9 year olds created glasses that describe the world to the blind. A special award went to the team that created a smart wristband that with the help of a virtual PA teacher would give pupils personal feedback and also monitor their health. The solution would also help fight bullying because no comments on pupils performances would be made. The idea and video was made during an “IT night” – and event where in 19 youth centres all over Estonia young people could take part in the competition that was organized by the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications and Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres (ANK). The event “IT night” is part of European Commission’s multi-stakeholder initiative eSkills for Jobs 2014 initiative that helps  to tackle the current eSkills shortfall in Europe.

One of the more utopian ideas was a translation device that recognizes baby speech and shows messages on a watch – the idea won the price for the best idea that would make mothers life better and easier.

Even though the competition was for ideas an award to the most realistic idea was given out as well. The winning idea was a ring that would open bicycle locks – no key needed. As part of the prize this idea will be implemented as a prototype.

The competition was organised by Look@World Foundation, main sponsor was Microsoft who gave out a special price for the idea that uses Microsoft technology. Winning idea was a smart-pen that synced with different Microsoft products.

Other supporters were Telia Sonera Estonia (Elion and EMT) and Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL).

For all videos (in Estonian) click HERE.

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