Look@World Foundation

Look@World Foundation (Vaata Maailma SA) was founded in 2001: AS Hansapank, AS Eesti Ühispank,  AS Eesti Telefon, AS EMT, IBM Eesti OÜ, Oracle Nederlands BV Estonia, AS Microlink, IT Grupp AS, AS Baltic Computer System ja AS Starman.

Our goal is to serve public interest by supporting education, science and culture via encouraging and popularising use of Internet and ICT. With this the Foundation aims to raise the quality of life in Estonia and also the competitiveness of Estonia in Europe.

Our projects concentrate on:

  • ICT-skills
  • ICT-related after-school activities
  • safe use of ICT

Our current projects:

The project was launched in 2014 and promotes the safe use of smart devices and the development of secure mobile e-services has been hailed as an opportunity to set an example to the world.

The goal of the project is to ensure that 70% of mobile smart device owners in Estonia use their devices in a secure way by the end of 2017. With the help of Nutikaitse 2017, at least 300,000 people in Estonia will use the secure Mobile-ID for electronic authentification and digital signatures.

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  • SmartLabs – free ICT hobby clubs

The objective of the Smartlabs is to support and promote IT-related afterschool activities among the youth in order to improve IT awareness and increase the number of youth choosing to study science or IT. In a long term perspective, it enables to decrease unemployment among the youth and increase the number of IT specialists in Estonia.

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Other milestones::

  • The first project of Vaata Maailma (Look@World) trained 102 697 participants (10% of adult population of Estonia) to use computer and Internet.
  • 442 Public Access Internet Points (PAIP) have been successfully set up.
  • eKool (eSchool) was launched in 2004. eKool is a web-based school/home communicaintion interface, which allows parents and pupils to view filtered information concerning studies (such as the grades, missed classes, home assignments, classschedule, etc). The majority of schools in Estonia have joined the eKooli system by today.
  • Computer Security 2009 project (Arvutikaitse 2009) started in May 2006. The objective of the project was to raise Internet users’ awareness on security and using strong means of authentication in electronic services. Special target of the project 400 000 unique ID card users was reached in January 2010 (20 000 users in 2006.
  • Project “Come Along!” – from April 2009 until November 2011. During the three years of the project Come Along! 100 000 people got help and advice for using the Internet and e- services, opened 35 Computer Clubs across Estonia with Microsoft Grant. Also almost 300 instructors and organisations took part in it and the trainings were held in almost 300 locations all over Estonia.
  • Training 165 unemployed persons to work as customer support specialists at IT helpdesk (from May 2010 until June 2012).
  • Theatre of Internet Safety (2013)- special play about Internet safety and privacy and bullying issues was created and performed 32 times. The play is also available online.
  • Youth project – Raising awareness of the Safe Use of Mobile Phones (2013) – A special website was launched to inform about the opportunities and threats that come with smart devices. Part of the project was also a roadshow in different locations.
  • Digital skills (Nutituur) – seminars and one on one consultation about smart devices for elderly and beginners. Witihn 2 months over 700 people took part. Project was in co-operation with Microsoft and Swedbank. Over 200 people participated in 2h long seminar with practical use of smart devices. Consultations and training took place in 67 different locations over Estonia.Trainings were held in Estonian and in Russian. The aim of the project was to improve digital literacy skills amongst older population and rural areas.

For any further information in English please contact:

Rica Williams, Communication Manager, rica @ vaatamaailma.ee